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Importance of Creating a Will

At Right Way Wills Ltd in South Yorkshire, England, we make sorting your personal affairs easier. If you don’t get a will, everything you own is distributed by the government to anybody without considering your personal relationships and friends. Only when you hire us to draft a will can you secure the welfare of your family.

Drafting a Detailed Will

Creating a will is about meeting and discussing your requests with one of our experienced consultants. We provide a professional, prompt and personal approach. In addition, we have a 14-day no-obligation option to cancel without penalty, so there is no risk in contacting us.

Please be reminded that even if you have a will, you should update it under unexpected instances, such as marriage, having children or grandchildren. If this happens, consult with us so we can review and make the necessary changes.

Our team provides advice on care authority financial assessments, the payment of care fees and the role of social services. Turn to us if you need guidance on:

  • What to do when a person in care can no longer afford the fees

  • What to do when a property needs to be sold to pay fees

  • What to do when someone needs to either move out of residential care or move into the home of a relative

What else should I know about making a Will ?
  • Circumstances change. For example, a relationship status or becoming a grandparent. We suggest reviewing your Will every year
  • The people most commonly appointed as executors on a Will are relatives or friends, solicitors or accountants, or even banks
  • It’s important to choose your executor carefully as this person will have to take on a great deal of responsibility and work. This includes administrative, legal and taxation duties
  • If you die without a Will, the law decides who’ll be responsible for your affairs and who’ll inherit your estate. This could mean those you’d prefer not to inherit, benefit
  • Standard Wills contain your personal details, appointed executors, appointed guardians, funeral details, gifting and residue of your estate